CJ Hemans

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Websites That Engage & Convert Your Customers

With so many websites out there, how can you make your business stand out? Not only can I build a beautiful custom website for you, I can create engaging digital media that your customers will love.

  • Custom Websites
  • Youtube Videos
  • “How-To” Tutorials
  • Product descriptions
  • Vector Graphics
  • Product Photography
  • 360° Photography
  • Photo Editing


Custom Websites

Do you need a website that will cut through the noise on the internet? I can create a beautiful custom website for your business that will look amazing on any device. 


Video increases customer engagement with your website and can be a great way to provide training. Whether you need screencasting or live video, I have a solution for your business. 


Do your customers know how to use your products? I can create written tutorials and videos that will ensure that anyone can use your products with ease.

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Product Photography & Graphics

Beautiful images enhance your website and documents. My services include product photography, image enhancement and image manipulation. I can also create vector graphics, infographics and charts.

360 Degree Spinning Images

Delight your customers and show off your products from every angle.  Increase your sales and significantly  reduce your online product returns with 360° product photography.


Software Help & Tutorials

Need a hand writing the help for your software? Give your customers confidence using your products by providing written and video help. And the added bonus? Your customer service team will receive fewer enquiries.